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Whether going for an interview to a College or University, for an Apprenticeship or a job, it is likely that the candidate will be up against more people, with more qualifications, than ever before.

FACT: over 70% of interviewers will make their decision about which candidate they choose based on something NOT on their CV.

So what factors will make them choose one over another?

Broadly speaking, it comes down to how we present ourselves and how we communicate with people.

REMEMBER: you don't get a second chance to make a great first impression.

ONVU offers specialist training in understanding image and personal branding – what external factors make a person stand out?  We introduce the concept of personal branding, colour psychology and what to wear as well as a top-to –toe audit on grooming and appropriate accessories.

Secondly, we offer Effective Communication workshops which deal with the internal aspect of presentation skills:  understanding the body and breath, controlling nerves, and using the voice effectively. They also deal with body language issues and the impact of how we present ourselves physically via eye contact, handshakes, smile etc.
Both strands of the course will deal with issues in theory, but also in practice. Participants will be given specific practical and individual advice. Everything covered during the sessions will be recapped via a handout which they will keep.


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I had been putting off sorting out my clothes for years. Now I can see what I have, and I only have those that suit me and I really like! It was great fun and I feel clutter-free."