Garton-Jones Real Estate - Personal Branding Project

Two-day styling project with Charlie Garton-Jones, Chief Executive of Garton-Jones Real Estate. The aim was to align Charlie’s personal image with his professional brand. Garton-Jones is a fast growing real estate management business based in Chelsea.


Reed's School - Student Master Class

All day master class to ninety students.  The project involved sessions on:   First Impressions, Personal Branding, Style and Impact; Effective Communication Skills & Interview Technique.


Wee Ones Nursery - Two–part business branding Project

Staff seminar on Image and Style and how it relates to the workplace. • Design and supply a staff uniform and implement an appropriate dress code for this high-quality expanding nursery school.


Smart Wisdom - Branding, Image and Presentation Project

Working with the CEO of this expanding business to ensure his appearance matched the quality of the brand. We worked on image, body language, presentation technique and branding


Wandsworth - Uniform Design and Brand Awareness and Continuity

To help design a uniform for pupils at this new Prep School that reflects the brand and ethos of this dynamic but traditional school . The uniform I needs to be recognisable, stylish and individual. We are working with the suppliers to ensure quality and delivery.


JUNE 2011

Wee Ones Nursery

Image and Impact in the workplace

Reeds School Surrey

Running workshops for 5th Formers prior to work experience on Impact and Communication skills

Group shopping trips or one-to one outings available.

Contact the team to book your place.


The Lifestyle Magazine

The Style Clinic - April 2011

Now the excitement of the Royal Wedding has calmed, there are some wonderful images that will stand the test of time - the fabulous dress, the enormous crowds, the pomp and ceremony, the handsome princes but perhaps above all, the poise and confidence of the bride and indeed of her brother James. It came as no surprise, therefore, to discover that Kate and James had received voice coaching from an Image Consultant to help them deliver confident vows and readings during the service.

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BBC Hereford and Worcester

Radio Interview - April 2011

Listen to the whole interview using the player below.



Worcestershire Life

Worcestershire Society - April 2011

Holloways of Suckley was the venue for a fashion and style workshop with Rosanagh Wilson from Onvu Image Onsultants. Ccllections from Lynne Craig of Friar Street, Worcester, were used to show how women could dress for their shape and lifestyle, and how to wear the new colours and styles for this season. The event raised money for Noah's Ark Trust, represented by Abi Hershman, the local Worcestershire charity that supports bereaved childdren, young people and their families.









The Lifestyle Magazine

The Style Clinic - February 2011

This is the time of year for browsing through the new magazines with a cup of coffee and anticipating the Spring fashions. Eagerly awaited after a long and cold winter, the energising colours and fabrics uplift the mood and enhance positivity.

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The Lifestyle Magazine

The Style Clinic - December 2010

Looking good and feeling great should go hand in hand. For the girls I met from the Snow Drop group at St Richard's Hospice recently this was a distant memory. The girls were recovering from their treatment for breast cancer and needed a boost to their self esteem and confidence.

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The Lifestyle Magazine

The Style Clinic - October 2010

Crisper mornings, log fires, gorgeous autumnal colours-my favourite season is upon us and I love packing away summer clothes and renewing my acquaintance with texture, layers and warmer materials. This is the season to be celebrated and now that you have cleared your wardrobe it is time for stage 2 of the Style clinic.

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The Lifestyle Magazine

The Style Clinic - August 2010

To keep things fresh for our readers, Live 24-Seven has
introduced a second style writer, each month one of our two
experts will keep you on the right style road for the season,
occasion, your shape and size!

Enjoy the first feature from Rosanagh Wilson of 'ONVU'

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I had been putting off sorting out my clothes for years. Now I can see what I have, and I only have those that suit me and I really like! It was great fun and I feel clutter-free."