Style and Image Consultation

Understand your body proportions, your bodylines and your face shape, and learn which styles, shapes, fabrics and accessories will complement you and your lifestyle. This will determine the choices you make from now on.

"The consultation really helped me to promote the image of a sporty, healthy look for my work as a personal trainer. The correct colours were chosen to help me look fresh and bright at all times, but also practical and neat."

Wardrobe Organisation

So many clothes and nothing to wear? End the “what to wear dilemma”

Our consultant will visit your home and advise you on how to re-organise your wardrobe to create calm and order. Re-discover clothes, find the gaps, and ditch the things that you will never, ever wear. Find out how to maintain a wardrobe free of clutter, and how to build on your colour and style scheme.

"I had been putting off sorting out my clothes for years. Now I can see what I have, and I only have those that suit me and I really like! It was great fun and I feel clutter-free."

"I was rather nervous about a stranger looking into my wardrobe, but the team from Onvu put me at ease immediately. We had a fantastic afternoon; I could not believe how many clothes I actually had. They showed me how to co-ordinate what I had and also made it easy to get rid of clothes I would never wear again. The charity shop was very grateful! I now have a definite list of what I actually need. I cannot wait to go shopping."

Colour Analysis

The colours you wear have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Discover those that harmonise with your natural skin tone and which are your most flattering colours. Learn to use your colour palette to achieve different looks.

"I've always wanted to have my colours done, but I had no idea how amazing it was: I feel much better about my clothes and myself. It's very interesting when you take your colour samples to your existing wardrobe for the first time. Shopping with Rosanagh has given me far more confidence over what will suit me, and I'm looking forward to the next stage."

Personal Shopping

Spend a fun-filled day with Onvu and learn how to shop. The day will be tailor-made for you and you will discover how to buy clothes that flatter you and that you can wear with confidence.

"I had a great day shopping. I didn't realise that two suits, four ties and six shirts could make me look and feel so good. Just what was needed – thanks."


A well-dressed man exudes confidence and success.

Take time out and learn how to dress to impress with Tina and Rosanagh. Achieve a personal image that reflects your personality and your lifestyle.

Whether you are at work or out for dinner you should always be comfortable with the way you look. Onvu will help you to understand your body shape and how to make the most of it. Discover which colours, styles and shapes suit you best. Dress appropriately for all occasions.

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression".

"At first I didn't think that image consultation was something that a man would do, however as a businessman often running workshops and seminars I have come to realise that how I appear is extremely important. Onvu helped me to better understand what colours suit me and what styles make me look dynamic. My new found confidence has enhanced my stage presence and I seem to be winning more business deals than ever before."





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I had been putting off sorting out my clothes for years. Now I can see what I have, and I only have those that suit me and I really like! It was great fun and I feel clutter-free."