We only make a first impression once. If we make the right first impression, we move ahead. If we make the wrong first impression, we are still working to correct it, whilst our competitors take the advantage.

We offer tailor- made programmes for Corporates at all levels on a range of topics including professional image and personal impact skills.

Image matters

  • Companies compete on brand perception and staff embody the company brand
  • In a visual world we are sophisticated interpreters of non-verbal messages
  • We make key judgements and decisions based on visual information alone
  • If it doesn’t look right-how can it be right?

Communication Skills

  • Content-How to keep your message slick
  • Verbal Factors-Using voice and vocal technique to support the message
  • Non-Verbal Factors-how we use our body, face and gestures to support the message
  • Attitude of mind-the energy and enthusiasm needed to communicate effectively

Key benefits to Business

  • Raise levels of staff commitment and morale
  • Improve performance and increase sales effectiveness
  • Align staff with your brand and improe perception in the market

Key benefits to Staff

  • Raise awareness of the importance of making a positive first impression through appearance and body language
  • Learn how verbal and non-verbal communications affect business decisions
  • How we give effective messages

Who would benefit?

  • Senior management, Personal assistants, Human Resources, Team leaders, Receptionists, Sales Executives, Department heads, Media representatives
  • Anyone in visual contact with clients


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